Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Who Should Be Second Life's Man of The Year?


On Monday, the noted real-life news publication Time Magazine announced their Person of the Year for 2021: Elon Musk. The "Man of The Year" as the edition was originally called is something they have done every year for almost a century since 1927, the person or group of persons the magazine feels has made the largest impact on the news for the past year. As it's not always a man, women have achieved it. On occasion, it's been awarded to a group of people. The choices have not always been without controversy. One year, it was announced "The Computer" was given the title due to the impact of computer technology. A number of times, the Man of the Year had made the news due to the death and destruction, and sometimes oppression, that he caused.

So with this in mind comes the question who had most impact on Second Life News in 2021? Who should be our Man of The Year?

The Second Life Newser has announced a "Man of the Year" every year since 2014. Over the years, we've chosen Lindens. Last year the Moles got it as a group for their work on Bellisseria. Citizens and communities have gotten it, or the "Runner Up."

So who should be our choice in 2021? The Pandemic has continued to be a problem in real life, so perhaps someone who best showed how Second Life can be useful for real life? Should it be someone who passed away from the virus? Other people passed away in the past year, notably Ebbe Linden, Second Life's last CEO. Should it be someone or a group of people who raised money for charity, such as the Relay for Life? Should it be a noted filmmaker? Should it be a noted community leader or community officer whom made a difference? Or maybe this was someone on the Internet whom had such a big impact, they had a huge impact on what happened or could happen here in Second Life?

We have a few people in mind, but we're willing to take suggestions. Who do you think should be Second Life's Man, Woman, or Persons of the Year?

Source: Time Magazine, Wikipedia

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. I'd like to nominate Aeonix Aeon (Will Burns), for his contributions to the IEEE definition of the "metaverse".