Monday, December 13, 2021

Holiday's of Hope Gala


Yesterday, Sunday December 12, the Holidays For Hope Gala, the high point of the Relay for Life's Christmas Expo, took place. The event started at 1 PM SL time, and went on to about 5PM. the event took place in a skybox high above the Christmas Expo sim.

From 1 to 2PM, Madelyn Majestic DJed for the audience. At 2 PM, Aubryn (Aubryn Melody) performed live for the crowd. She was followed at 3PM by Streef, and at 4PM, Trader Whiplash would DJ.

There were a number of Relay personalities there, such as Arizona Ballinger and Nuala Maracus.

Often, the Gala takes place on the last day of the Expo. But this is not the case this year. The Christmas Expo goes on to Tuesday, December 14.

Bixyl Shuftan

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