Thursday, December 30, 2021

Announcement: New Years Eve Party at Caledon Downs


Greetings to all! You are invited to the yearly New Years Eve Party at the Goblin Cave! The Duchy of Downs will throw a party starting at 8 PM SL time and will last till at least 1 AM. Music will be provided by Her Grace Cynthia Farshore and will play region wide so you can enjoy the Christmas rides and sights before they are taken down. 

A ball will drop for each time zone of the continental U.S. followed with 3 minutes of fireworks till the last zone you get a full 5 minutes. Besides the dance you can enjoy riding the Christmas Express around the region and even pay a visit to Santa on his hidden aerial abode. The Caledon wide sleigh ride awaits there too to take you on a 40 minute round trip tour of every region of Caledon! So come enjoy and if you can't stay long who cares just drop in and say Hi!!

Their Grace, the Duke and Duchess of Downs
Shockwave Yareach & Cynthia Farshore


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