Thursday, April 28, 2022

SL Video: "Second Life's Lab Gab - Boston Blaisdale"


From Friday April 22, the recording of the Lab Gab at 9AM with Strawberry Linden interviewing Boston Blaisdale, "a popular YouTuber that has been creating informative Second Life Tutorials and fun shopping and fashion related videos for over a year." 

Strawberry admitted to being something of a fangirl "I love your work." Boston described himself as first joining Second Life 13 years ago after seeing an article on Reuters about it, taking a group of other real-life friends into doing so as well, relaxing at clubs inworld after dealing with exams. After a couple years, phased out SL until about 2020 when he returned after a breakup. Despite a rude welcome back by a couple trolls, he persisted, updating his avatar, spending "an obscene amount of time" in stores. He would ask others where they got their avatars and accessories, and discovered different creators. He would start blogging and posting on Flickr, and eventually started getting a following on the latter. After a few weeks, he decided to start to create videos to share some of the things he learned. 

At the end of the interview, following a few questions on what he did to relax, Strawberry invited him for a dance, which made for some interesting moves, "If I tried this in real life, I would dislocate my shoulder."


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