Saturday, April 16, 2022

Announcement: Mole v Residents Boat Race For The Bellisserian 3rd Anniversary.

Date and time - Saturday April 16th 11:00 am SLT to Noon SLT

Identical 'Zodiac' boats will be provided for each team member (but in different liveries)

Course Route -

Course starts and ends at the Whiskey Bay Fairgrounds Pier

If you crash or lose your boat please restart at the last rez point you passed.

Racers leave in batches of 2 to 4 to avoid all crashing as they enter the same region at once.

Points are given to the team by placement. First is 1 point, 2nd is 2, 3rd 3, and so on. So the team with the LOWEST points win. We'll decide on the day the finer points of the scoring system depending on numbers involved (eg DNFs)

At full pelt you can do the course in 20 minutes or so. Race conditions are different. But there should be plenty of time.

Stewards are requested too, you'll be assigned to a key way mark.

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