Saturday, April 2, 2022

SL Videos: Linden Lab's April Fool


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The Newser's April Fool yesterday wasn't the only one around. Linden Lab had one of it's own that was a poke at Facebook/Meta's Horizon. Or rather, three, in the form of a few Youtube videos. One also parodied the "Lifelock" videos (forum post).

"Brand new from the creators of Second Life comes our latest premium feature: LEGLOCK!

"Second Life is the ONLY metaverse that will actually guarantee your legs will be right here where you left them upon your return!  We consider it our sacred duty to give all our customers the whole metaverse experience. We care about our residents and what they care about, and we know one thing they care about are legs. In Second Life you can have all the legs you want, One leg, two legs, four legs, eight… a hundred… be a human centipede if you desire. Actually, I don’t think anyone really wants that last one, but you can!

"And the best part is, it is so easy! Here’s a helpful video explaining just how this handy tool works and how you can keep your avatar protected." 

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"Finding one's other half" is an expression meaning to find one's soulmate. Though with avatars looking like Horizon ones, it takes on a new meaning (forum post).

"At Linden Lab, we’re all about bringing people together. We’ve heard countless stories from individuals that discovered their other halves in Second Life. Today we’re floating you a spotlight featuring a union that was love at first sight.

"If you feel like something is missing in your life, we hope we can help you find it in Second Life."

 (Click here if the video does not play)

Abnor Mole stared in this one as a used leg salesman. Guess his joke had a few legs to stand on, unlike Facebook/Horizon's virtual world (forum post).

Happy April Fools.

Addition: There were three threads in the forums about the videos, so they're now included.

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