Wednesday, April 6, 2022

The Sunweaver Easter Egg Hunt

Most years, Shockwave Yareach has a game up around Easter time for the community (and any friends of who hear about it). This year, it's an egg hunt game in a maze.

This year is very different.  First, the maze is MUCH larger to search for the eggs within.  As such, for the first time, you may SEE the layout of the game.  And to add to the fun, you can have friends walk on the ceiling and guide you to the eggs.  

And you'll want the help.  Because you see, the eggs... wander... throughout the maze.  Are they in the halls?  Are they gathered near the bunnies?  Beats me.  

Wear the basket, touch all the eggs and win a prize!!  Lots of fun.

To try out the hunt, head over to Sunweaver Eclipse (7,3,2001) and touch the chocolate bunny near the maze entrance. You'll get a copy of the rules and a basket, which you'll need to add. You then go around in the maze trying to find all fourteen eggs. When touched by your cursor, they appear in both the basket and your inventory.

The eggs scream when your avatar touches them. Though those familiar with other Easter mazes of Shockwave's may not mind it when something else does the screaming. 

The maze will likely be taken down soon after Easter.

Bixyl Shuftan

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