Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Sunweaver Chief Rita Mariner in Hospital


Over the weekend, troubled news came to the Sunweaver community (and Sunbeamer Relay team). Their leader was taken to the hospital. 

Nothing had been heard from Rita for a couple days. Then on Friday, the first news came.

Thanks to Shocky we have been able to hunt down the whereabouts of our much loved Chief and learned she is in a hospital. All the details we have at this time. Will fill all of you in when we get more.

Not everyone got the news at first, possibly because Friday was April 1. But word gradually spread and more details came. 

Rita update.  Rita is going to be in the hospital for foreseeable future.  And her phone is broken somehow, great timing.  Shes out of danger but wont be inworld for awhile.

Shockwave would explain that the sims are on autopay, so the sims are fine. As for the Sunbeamers Relay team, plans for some events such as the air show have already been set in motion, so the team will continue to take part in fundraising.

The Newser's main office building is located in the Sunweaver Estates.

Bixyl Shuftan

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  1. There are a few Sunweavers a bit worried about the Sims. Would like to say, there is awesome backup in place for Rita. so to any of the more fearful sunweavers we are good. Rally behind rita send her prayers and good vibes.