Thursday, April 21, 2022

Call for Candidates for the 37th Term of CDS Government


It's election time in the Confederation of Democratic Simulators. Unlike most places in Second Life, the CDS chooses it's leadership. And twice a year, they have an election for their Representative Assembly and their Chancellor. 

The schedule for this spring's election go as follows:

April 8 - Census of citizens for eligibility to run for office

April 15 - Citizen qualification deadline for right to vote

April 18 - Call for Candidates for Chancellor and for RA

May 1 - Deadline for Declaration of Candidacy

May 4 - Dean posts list of candidates

May 7 - Campaigning starts

May 14 - Polls open

May 21 - Polls close

May 22 - 31, incoming RA take their affirmations of office and members meet to elect their officers

June 1 - The RA and Chancellor of the 37th Government of the CDS take office.

It was on April 17, a day early, that the Call for Candidates went out.

Today (April 17) is the first day to declare your candidacy for the offices of Representative Assembly (RA) and Chancellor. These are very important offices for our CDS Community. When we elect these representatives we are electing friends and neighbors to work on our behalf to set the direction of our community, enact our laws and regulations, and manage all the tasks that keep the CDS a wonderful place to live. Now is your time to participate and declare candidacy.

So far, one person, Almut Brunswick, has declared his intention to run. More will certainly follow in the next ten days. 

In contrast to many real-life elections, the CDS elections have remained largely drama-free for some years.  

Stay tuned for more information.

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