Sunday, July 17, 2011

Relay for Life: Stingray's Challenge

After it was announced last night that the Relay for Life had raised a total of $350,000 this year, a Stingray9798 Raymaker made this little challenge:

[22:09] Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): Stingray Challenge: $400,000 USD by Closing Ceremony...and Sting walks the final lap in pantyhose.
[22:09] Rose Dreadlow (ariel.goldrozen): PINK pantyhose
[22:09] Spaciva Ivanova: offers a pink loincloth for linden's sake :P
[22:10] Lomgren Smalls chuckles
[22:10] Rock And Roll Michigan (rockandroll.michigan) thinks we can make it to 400G
[22:10] IshtarAngel Micheline: snort
[22:10] Fuzzball Ortega: Trader, you COULD wear "The Hair" instead
[22:10] Bixyl Shuftan writes down the challenge for posting in SL Newser
[22:10] MamaP Beerbaum: LOL Bixyl
[22:10] Rose Dreadlow (ariel.goldrozen): LOL
[22:10] Lomgren Smalls: That's what you get for having reporters in the group. ^^
[22:11] Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): lol
[22:11] Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): D'OH!
[22:11] Bixyl Shuftan: muhahahahaha
[22:11] Breezes Babii: I knew our sexy foxy would do that good write up wtg bix
[22:11] Bixyl Shuftan: :-D
[22:11] Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): Well Bixyl, you might as well make sure you have a link to the site to donate:

Bixyl Shuftan

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