Friday, July 8, 2011

Treet TV Stops Live Broadcasting

On Thursday July 7th, Treet TV’s Wiz Nordberg sent a message to all producers of the Second Life network’s program producers. Due to real-life matters, all live video production would be suspended indefinitely.

What is really occurring is a shift of priorities for us. Because the market is still quite small, Texas and I need to engage in Treet only part time. Using 100% of that time to film has left us with time for nothing else. Exciting changes to the website, new promotional features, and an exciting “Timeline of Virtual History” archive site never even have been started, not to mention many improvements in distribution, iPad and iPhone support, etc. We feel such innovations are necessary in this industry. So, shifting our priorities away from live filming is important for us to create more enabling technologies to help people contribute shows, manage shows, and get the most out of archives. We are committed to enhancing and enabling the community. Our website, resources, and streams will not only remain live, but we’ll be seeking ways to expand their availability to more and more people, and establish programs for showing people how we’ve achieved what we’ve achieved.

The website, and the storing of footage on archives will continue. What has changed is the shows will no longer appear on the Internet live. This will be considered a setback to many fans of the shows as some can’t always get to the sets on time, and for some shows like the Snail Races, the live feeds were needed to see what was going on between the distances and the lag.

For fans of Treet TV, this is sad news, in addition to the announcement of the popular “Tonight Live” show being canceled days ago. For it’s shows, this will mean new challenges and adjustments. For competing networks which never had live broadcasting, this may be an opportunity for their shows to achieve better ratings, an advantage of their competition now gone. For those organizing major events such as the Relay for Life, this will mean some changes as no longer, at least for a while, can they count on a live audience beyond what they can see inworld.

*Addition* Apparently, there will still be some live coverage of Relay for Life events (check comments).

Source: Prim Perfect

Bixyl Shuftan

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  1. Regarding Relay for Life, the Treet TV coverage of which I've co-anchored for the past couple of years, I am pleased to say that we are still planning to present extensive live coverage of RFL weekend and appropriate arrangements are significantly advanced in this respect with broadcast partners.

    Due to the short timescales involved for the move to alternative production resources, there will be a certain amount of restructuring of our coverage, but I'm confident that we will be able to bring a significant proportion of events to live viewers over the course of the weekend.

    We'll provide more information on how to view our coverage a little nearer the time.