Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Relay Track Exhibits to Come Down by Thursday

It seems the builds of the Relay track are coming down faster than in the previous year.

Its time to think about tearing down all we've built. We will be prepping the regions for next year prior to their removal from the grid in hopes they come up the way they go down as they did this year. Any items remaining on the regions beside the track and other desired bits will be returned beginning Thursday 7/21 at Noon SL Time.
Charlene Trudeau

During the late afternoon in the RFL Care sim, the Radicals for Life's exhibit went out with a bang, literally. HawkedWarrior Darkwatch made an announcement that the place would soon blow, and anyone who wanted a last peek had to head over, "I just like to go out with a bang so to speak. ... Please stay and watch it blow up."

And at 5:05 PM SL time, HawkedWarrior shouted, "Clear the build please! Fire in the hole!" Then there was an announcement of an armed explosive, "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, " He then stuck his fingers in his ears, and the sim announced a "BOOM." The build then began collapsing. It was soon a mess of pictures and prims.

Wolf Kenyon, one of those coming by to see the build commented, "Wow! ... So ends another year of RFL-SL. ... Takes so long to go up and comes down so quick."

Hurry up to see the rides and builds before they go. To check out the Redheads camp, Click Here to go to RFL Family (138, 170, 23).

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. Yeah, i need to go and tear down my stuff today (Wed). I thought it would be up a week so folks could see the builds without the problems caused by lag. Oh well.

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  3. The Redheads camp is mostly gone at this point - very sad to see - but not to worry - I have LOTS of pictures, and will cull them, and send them out