Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Benefit Concert at Sunset Jazz Club for Circe Broom

On Sunday July 31st, there was a Benefit Concert at the Sunset Jazz Club. It was held in behalf of Circe Broom, a resident whom was noted by the staff as being a generous supporter of the arts, whom now was in need herself.

Circe's Circles of Sound produces the BEST live music, poetry and comedy on the venues of this island 7 days a week! Please donate to the venue, and join our group to know when and which venue for these great artists!

The Sunset Club had something of an ancient Egyptian feel to it, at least as if the club was in Egypt. In front of the club was a patch of desert, with oblisks, palm trees, and a tent. On the inside were Egyptian statues and golden collums scripted with hieroglyphs. With these alongside the bar, the lights, and the people in present-day fashion, it was a mix of the old and the new. In the back was a small stage, with moving images of musicians playing. One of the staff told me this was the longest running live music venue in Second Life, playing since 2004. The reason for the benefit, Circe had fallen ill, and paying for the teir was in doubt.

The party began at 4 PM SL time wit Vincent Mericks playing on the stage. At 5 PM, Krissie Snowdrop took the microphone. At 6 PM were “The Hamelins” (RB & Raven). At 7PM was the musical pair called “Soar,” Bright Oh and Charles Somerset. Finally at 8, Gamjo Mokeey was scheduled to sing. The event at tunes was called the “Brent and Lexie Benefit,” refering to Brent Kingsley and Lexie Leitner. There were a few times the music was interupted to announce a particulary large donation. People gave donations large and small.

There were a few examples of funnery. At one point, Bright Oh was talking about, "the rumor that I was orbited for speaking too much and not singing enough." One of the club staff soon shouted, "Start singing already Bright!!!" There was also a point in which one of the tinies dancing at the club was pointed out, "OK who shot the Bunnehs?" And people wondered if there might be some Elmer Fudd character around.

After the fundraiser, I had a few words with Circe's partner Vincent Merricks, “ It was a good night and we made her enough to take some of the pressure off her when it comes to tier.” Asking him what was planned for the future, “Just to keep doing what she's always done and provide the best entertainment she can to the people in SL. Music most of the time, but also poetry aand other arts on Laurel. She loves the arts. A strong supporter of the arts. (smile)”

Once the event was over, a total of 85,000 Lindens were raised, “if Circe was there she would say thank you all for the great night and thank you very very much.”

The Sunset Jazz Club is at Laurel Arts Isle (148, 79, 301)

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