Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Sponsor

Second Life Newser is happy to announce a sponsorship from Steelhead City, a Steampunk-themed region which has been making a name for itself through it's Relay for Life efforts, in addition to it's over-the-top events.

"Not exactly the West that you were expecting. Welcome to the world of Gaslamp Fantasy. Steelhead City, in addition to cowboys, is home to Moon Elves, a woman who's half cat, mad scientists and crazed inventors, a werewolf sheriff....and that's just the city council members."

Current sims: Steelhead City, Steelhead Harborside, Steelhead Boomtown, Steelhed Port Harbor, Steelhead Shanghai, Steelhead St. Helens, Steelhead Nevermoor

To get to the Steelhead Visitors Center, head to Steelhead (83, 251, 26)


  1. Hey, what about the Mad Hatter?! Don't I count?! :-D

    Thanks for the blurb about Steelhead. We're mighty proud of our little corner of the virtual world.

    Nabila Nadir Peterman

  2. We're looking forward to doing more stories about the place. And yes, St. Helens was a "blast."