Thursday, August 11, 2011

SL Machinima: "Relay for Death"

"The Angel Of Death seeks equal time under the Fairness Act to promote his Relay For Death in Second Life." By Crap Mariner

"I've been wanting to do one of these, but had to get the right tone to it so it's not insulting to RFL/cancer survivors, but still had the edge. ... It's not easy to come up with humor with some edge that still treats the subject of cancer with respect. I think I was a bit off the mark in places, but if you're not calling for torches and pitchforks, I must have done something right. (smile)."

*Addition* Crap Mariner sent a note reminding that this was intended as parody.


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  2. Bix, you may want to point out that this is parody... and they should take a look at the comments of the movie. Fay understood the real message behind it.

    Erm... uh.... thanks,

  3. funny, but point well taken. Bravo Crap!