Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pip's Acid Trip

The psychedelic 60’s can be found at the latest rotating installation on the Syzygy community. “Welcome to Pip’s Acid Trip: An Ode to Olo!” begins at the Community Center on Syzygy Eos (15, 10, 76). Pipsqueak Fiddlesticks created the installation and named it in honor of resident Olorin Tigerpaw.

The build consists of three levels, all wildly reminiscent of that groovy era of peace and love. The first level is easily reached from a teleporter in the Community Center. You will be transported into a meadow of happy, smiling flowers. Explore this magical, vegetative matter until you fall into the secret passage that leads to the second level, a psychedelic sphere of color and grooviness.

As you explore this sphere, you will fall into the third level, which was the site a wild party on July 23. Frequency Picnic served as DJ, and over a dozen residents and friends of the Syzygy community danced and told tales of that bygone time. Dance cages, fantastic flowers and even an old VW van set the scene.

Some residents claimed to have had first-hand knowledge of those times. Olorin Tigerpaw lived on a hippie commune for a while.
The best event was recounted by Crescent Renard, who told about seeing Jimi Hendrix play at UCLA. She and her friends were right up by the stage. “He was ... taking joints from, or giving them to, the audience,” she remembered, “and he was playing like crazy ... guitar behind his back, everywhere.” Other residents were suspiciously silent about any memories they might have made. But for the duration of the party, at least, everyone was a flower child.

This resident installation is temporary, so visit it soon. The music has ended, but the colors and lights are fantastic. Enjoy the trip!

Grey Lupindo

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  1. The name of your 'installation' is far too close to my own website name for comfort - Pips Trip.

    I think someone has been copying here. Anyway, if you could make it absolutely clear on your site that this is NOTHING whatsoever to do with my website that would be appreciated.