Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mesh is Here

Tuesday was the day mesh was finally introduced across the Grid. Contrary to what a few friends expected, it didn’t mean Viewer 1.23 and third-party viewers were suddenly blocked. Instead, Second Life went on more or less as before. The weekend did seem a bit glitchy at times.

The Linden forums have a post about some of the more technical details, from Oskar Linden. On the Blog, there was this:

Today, mesh technology is available gridwide in Second Life. All SL users can now benefit from mesh technology, no matter what you do or where you are inworld. If you shop, be sure to check out items built using mesh — they can sit alongside everything else you own and love in SL, but often look superslick, and may have greater detailing or design than a similar item built without mesh. If you build, mesh is another option to help you access unlimited creativity. All the other traditional SL building options are still intact, we’ve just added to your toolkit. If you sell things, selling objects created using mesh is one way to diversify your offering. If you own land, well-made mesh objects can be used to increase efficiency and maintain optimum performance on your parcel. Make sure you use the new Viewer to view and upload mesh objects correctly; older viewers will not render objects created with mesh correctly. Please check with third-party viewers; mesh support may vary.

Going about a little, Second Life appeared like it has lately. A bit laggy, but nothing new that I noticed. Everything rezzed if given time. For about the past couple weeks, I have seen a few womens’ boots appear a bit scrambled, but when I asked a friend about one, she told me they were several months old, and definately not Mesh.

And so, Mesh is finally here. But life on the Grid goes on as before.

Sources: Linden Blog, Linden Forums

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