Friday, August 26, 2011

Zindra Expo Starts Today

From today Friday August 26 to Sunday September 4rth, the 2011 Zindra Expo, "The Forbidden Carnival," will be taking place. Taking place over eight days and four sims, there are numerous events, some taking advantage of the adult rating of the region.

The expo is set up in the sims Girenzi, Jaraded, Tramboyn, and Distrel. To get there, head to the entrance at Distrel (194, 62, 57), where you can pick up a guide to the event.

There are many kinds of events here, from live music performances, to build contests, fashion shows, lectures and discussions, celeberty guest appearances, and of course dance parties. This being Zindra, many (but not all) the events deal in adult topics.

To get around, there are goofy cars, elephant rides, sailboats for the waterways, balloons, space shuttle rides, and "forbidden float" rides. Between events, one can pick up clothes and, er-um, toys, grab freebie clothes and a corndog, ride a ferris wheel, go on bubbles and pirate rides, go to a "fight club," and more.

And yes, the Zyndra Expo has a hotel, with the rooms having beds.

The Zyndra Expo also wanted to give a chance for businesses to advertise here. SL Newser and it's music sponsor KVXN Radio have small advertising booths here.

So for those interested in an event on the wilder side of Second Life, the Zindra Expo is worth a look. The event goes on until September 4rth.

Bixyl Shuftan.

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