Friday, August 12, 2011

The Burn Begins

The Burn2 is off to a great start.The dates are October 1 through 9 and although it seems far away it will be here soon. Plots are being sold to builders and they are busy are working on their creations off the playa getting ready for their projects and are excited. I cannot wait to see the artistic visions for Rites of Passage, the theme of Burn2, 2011.

Any resident of Second Life who wishes to can be involved in some way. There are many opportunities for volunteering. Do not feel you may not have enough skill. There is training for you. The commitment of time should not bother you either. You will fit in somewhere for the time you would like to spend. You can visit the tent at Deep Hole to see all the possible groups to join.

As a Ranger, I have already started my training. I am also a Lamplighter so I can join in the lamplighter's parade when I am available. That is great fun! The greeters are wonderful helpers to new arrivals on the playa, assisting with questions about where to go and passing out gifts. The dpw has a lot of cleaning up to do during the burn.

People are also invited to loan or “donate “ a spare sim you may have to allow more space for the Burn2 builds. Your sim will be added to the 5 sims already at the Playa and returned to you at the end of the Burn. If you are not familiar with the Burn which used to be Burning Life in SL, visit the wiki - This is the second year that the Burn is solely run by Second Life residents. The Leads are depending on you to make the Burn! You can visit the kiosks at the tent to sign up or just to get more information.

Burning Man- Deep Hole (230, 72, 24)

Gemma Cleanslate

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