Monday, August 8, 2011

Club Zero Gravity to Close

Yesterday on Sunday August 7th, Nydia Tungsten informed Second Life Newser that the space club Club Zero Gravity would be closing it's doors to regular events "until further notice." She cited real life events beyond her control as the reason for the decision. Club Little Dove, which is in the Southern Colorado sim, will be taking over its events for now, it's events being sponsored by sim owner Daaneth Kivioq.

Due to some financial setbacks, I will have to close the club for awhile until I know more of what will be happening. Thank you for the great times and I am looking forward to more great times as soon as I know I am more stable.

In recent weeks, Nydia has been organizing a "Club Alliance," which has attracted a number of clubs, such as Perri Prinz's Green Meadows Ballroom (aka Perri's Xanadu) which joined yesterday.

Bixyl Shuftan

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