Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Art of Judilynn

I was sorry to miss the opening of the exhibit at Eclipse Arts Complex. Judilynn India is the artist of some stunning pieces. She is an artist in real life and also in Second Life, so has imported some of her works into SL.

I met her in the gallery and she told me about her feeling for the art and sharing it in Second Life, "All of the paintings on the far wall from us are acrylic on canvas. No digital. I also work in mixed media. The computer as a tool is amazing: It lets me do things that I can't achieve with my hands.” In some of her pieces you will see layering of texture sand some are reminiscent of Van Gogh One of my favorites was an abstract with subtle colors.

Judilynn donates part of the proceeds to the homeless and hungry in her home town in the USA where she is located, ”I decided a long time ago that my art would not just be for hanging on a wall. It will serve a purpose. It will raise funds for those who need assistance..human and animal.” There is a lovely piece called "All My Children,“ and if you buy that, half of the proceeds go to the poor.

You can visit the exhibit here:

Gemma Cleanslate

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