Friday, December 16, 2011

"Your World, Your Imagination" Is Back

Yesterday, I was talking about the new introduction page to the Second Life website, which for me showed a vampire. There's a couple arrows to dial to a couple other pictures, but for me the fanged goth girl keeps showing up first when I bring up the page.

I had been so busy wondering if this might scare off newcomers, I didn't notice one subtle but important development, Linden Labs is using the slogan "Your World, Your Imagination" once again.

To newer residents, Linden Labs for most of Second Life's history used the slogan for the virtual world, describing the place as run by the residents freely as they liked to travel, create, and interact as they pleased. A few years ago, the Lab stopped using it. Possibly in response to criticism to their safeguards from the gambling and bank bans to age verification, "I thought this was supposed to be 'Our World, Our Imagination.' " But longtime residents still remembered it.

New World Notes quoted Linden spokesman Peter Gray as saying "Our thinking was just that the tag-line fits Second Life, so we decided to bring it back ..." A subtle move, but for a longtime user like myself a welcome one.

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. And all over the grid, longtime residents are nodding in agreement. It's good to see the old SL spirit is still alive.

    DJ Scratch Musikatt - SL resident since 2005

  2. Let us hope it's a sign that the lab is realizing its many mistakes and correcting them.