Saturday, December 10, 2011

SL Machinima: Podex Bank Robbery

Jacek Shuftan of Podex pointed out another attempt at a bank robbery at Podex. They got farther than "Clumsy Cooper" ever did. But unlike the masked man, these bandit's won't be coming back to the Grid.


  1. Is this advertisement free, or did Podex pay for it to be posted?

  2. Okay, so they pay for all the advertising pieces that you post for them. Why are some of the advertisements disguised as news posts? Surely that is unethical even though they are a sponsor.

  3. Not if it's obvious what it is. "Fun" articles were an occasional staple of our predecessor paper, also used on occasion to advertise, and in the one I read in real life I see advertisements that at first glance look like articles but a second glance shows them to be ads.