Thursday, April 9, 2015

Eye on the Blog: Limited-Time Sale on Premium Membership

Once again, Linden Lab is offering a limited discount for signing up for Premium membership. This time, it comes after the Lab added a small perk for pais accounts.

Being a Premium Second Life subscriber carries many benefits - from weekly L$ stipends, to your own Linden Home, expanded live customer support options, exclusive gifts, and more. Just last week, we added a new perk for Premium subscribers, and we’ll be adding even more benefits and features for Premium members throughout the year.

If you’ve been waiting to upgrade to a Premium account, now is a great time, because today we’re kicking off a great new sale: from today until April 13, 2015, you can upgrade to Premium subscription for less than $5 for your first month! That’s a 50% discount off the regular rate, and this offer won’t last long. Upgrade today and start enjoying Premium benefits at our lowest-ever monthly rate.

So what is the new perk? Linden Lab has stated they've increased the number of IMs made to someone when they're logged out able to be stored instead of lost, raising the number to fifty.

Previously, if IMs were sent to your account while you were offline, you could access up to 25 messages when you next log in. That remains the case for free account holders, but starting today, Premium Members can access up to 50 missed IMs. That means fewer notecards filling up your inventory and fewer missed messages from friends, colleagues, and customers.

So how useful is this perk? Perhaps not as much as it suggests as there is an option for messages made to you while offline could be sent to your email.

I've heard various comments about how the various rewards for premium membership are just tiny perks of limited value. One blogger recently commented with SL Go, there was an opportunity for a real bonus: make SL Go available for free to premium subscribers. Since the client made SL playable from a portable tablet and older machines, this would be a real benefit, not just a perk. But with SL Go slated to be discontinued after the company offering it was bought, that opportunity is gone.

Do you the readers have an idea for Linden Lab? What could they offer that would get you to sign up for Premium membership?

Bixyl Shuftan

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