Saturday, April 4, 2015

Springfest 2015


The Tribute City Relay team is sponsoring Springfest 2015 this weekend along with other teams. It will be open from 12pm slt Friday to Sunday at 8pm slt 

“DESCRIPTION: Springfest 2015 has a space theme to match the futuristic theme of the 2015 Relay For Life of Second Life season “The Future is Now” theme. This three day event features over 20 Relay For Life of Second Life teams, coming together to raise money to beat cancer in four space the med areas. Events include 7seas fishing, live djs & performers, a carnival, and shopping. 100% proceeds goes to Relay For Life of Second Life.”
If you visit the website you can get the full schedule and locations for your visit.
I visited the carnival area which is a lot of fun! I found the fishing area and hope to get to the contest there . I saw one of the Tribute City Captains, Johannes 1977 , John to us still working hard as he is all the time. I hope to get to some of the fun events over the weekend. Paintball...? I don't know ! LOL See you there! Here is a good place to start!
Gemma Cleanslate

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