Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Queen of the Sagittarian No More

It was such a shock when I opened the notice . The SS Galaxy has been such a staple in Second Life for so long. The three sim ship was a world in itself. Weddings, parties, art exhibits and fun made this a wonderful place to visit and and offered so many topics for articles for the SL Newser. The Sagittarian Sea will truly be empty. 
Hats off to the hard working staff for all their years of entertainment for the residents of SL . I plan on some final visits this week: One last game of miniature golf, last dance, last walk around the deck, last visit to the gallaries and perhaps a purchase or two.  I hope those who have been there make a visit this week and those who have not been there .It brings tears to my eyes. 

Galaxy AFT (56,44,22)

Gemma Cleanslate

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