Friday, April 17, 2015

Live Concert at Ragland Shire

On Sunday April 12 from Noon SL time to about 2 PM, there was a live music event at the Raglan Shire tiny community. A mix of local tinies, human avatars, and others were at the concert stage.

Russell Eponyn normally sports a human look, but for his hosts he went ahead and "tinied up." While short in stature, the locals were certainly big in enthusiasm.

There was plenty of fun to be had, especially with the tinies who could go a bit over the top with their antics. Near the end of the event, several got on stage while in the audience several did their characteristic "Riverdance."

Raglan has events going on most every day, which one can find in their event callendar: . Next month in May is their Artwalk, which draws people from across Second Life. In August is their "Wootstock" celebration. Between the two, there may be pirate and pool events.

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