Friday, April 24, 2015

The Fantasy Faire is Open

 The 2015 Fantasy Faire officially opened yesterday, Thursday April 24. This event which raises funds for the Relay for Life offers residents a chance to buy fantasy-themed items such as outfits and avatars, and some well-designed builds up for view. There are a total of thirteen sims in the event: Fairelands Junction, Odyssey, IchiGo IchiE, Sylvan of Spells, Tangleshimmer Grove, Aurora FF, Poseidons Abyss, Poppetsborough, Spires of Andolys, YoZakura, Wildehaven Marsh, Vallacia, and Ravenshold.

 Checking out the SURL I was given, I appeared at the bottom of the waters in the sim. There was a HUD available nearby, which could take me to any of the sims on the Faire grounds.

 Or one could take one of the portals that surounded the entry point.

 Swimming up, once my viewer processed the sights, there were some beautiful sights to behold.

For more information on the Fantasy Faire, check out the website:
For the schedule of events, check out the calendar. The happenings include music and dance parties, story readings, discussions, Roleplays, and more. Among the special events is Pratchett Day on April 28.

RFL in SL:

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