Saturday, April 4, 2015

Press Release: RFL - Hitting the Ground Running.

Hi Relay World!

Everyone has hit the ground running, and the RFL Of SL is filled with feet, paws, hooves, shoes and boots taking a stand. We have everyone getting loud in group chat. We have over 200 amazing events so far, attracting people from all over the grid to finish this fight. A chorus is filling this grid, with each and every one of your voices being heard. "We WILL make this a future without cancer!"

So many of you have gotten down to work, and have no plans to slow down. We're not quite yet to April, and along with having already raised $111,000+, many teams have already made their way into precious metal and gemstone levels. One team has already hit sapphire. Five more now sit at platinum. Six others are currently gold. A dozen have reached silver. And, incredibly, 56 teams have already made their way to bronze, and undoubtedly, we will watch all those numbers - and our total - climb over the next few months.

The unity we have seen already has been inspiring, to say the least, as teams have worked together on events, and so many people have made their presence felt throughout all of Relay.

What an amazing March it's been. But, knowing you all the way I do, I know the best is yet to come.

The purple army is on the move. Get loud, and get louder, because cancer fears noise just as much as it fears the walker.

What an amazing beginning to what will be our greatest season ever. The Future Is Now... Let's make it one without cancer!

Madonna Milena

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