Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pimper Puppets

By Gemma Cleanslate
 I took a long journey through a story over at LEA9 . d-oo-b (Eifachfilm Vacirca) has an amazing play going on there in his art installation. You can participate in the play anytime you wish. Go over to the entrance point, read and follow the directions , then take a comfortable seat and wait for the show to begin. Chat will give you the text of the play and you can also see the words in the bubbles behind each ‘actor’. . As the actors move through the scenes you follow them from place to place. It is great fun! I found the story both sad and funny . My friend Honour Mcmillan found it hilarious and wrote a great review of the play I would like you to read it here .  .
While I was there d-oo-b and Livio Korobase, another amazing artist where there enjoying the scenes. There was one group of puppets standing wondering where the international press was so I joined them with the announcement “Here I am!!” The story takes about 20 minutes to the end . I went back a second time and hopped of my chair at various scenes to take a closer look .
I also took time to travel around the ground level where you will find large billboards taking you to some great machinima  that is a retrospective of his work so dont miss that part .  I hope you get a chance to live the whole experience. Grab a chair here :
Gemma Cleanslate

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