Monday, April 27, 2015

Press Release: Gemma Cleanslate "Keeper of the Torch" This Week for the Relay

Today we announce our 7th Keeper.  Each week we take the time to honor one Survivor or Caregiver by naming them Keeper of the Torch.    The SL Torch of Hope is the torch the represents the fire each Relayer has burning brightly within them.  It's the fire of Hope.  It's fueled by the desire to rid the world of cancer.  The color of purple is the color of all cancers.  The purple ribbon is used to honor everyone who has been touched by cancer.  For the shape of the torch, we have taken the inspiration of the purple ribbon and inverted it to hold the fire within.

We encourage each of you nominate the caregiver or survivor in SL that you feel demonstrates a spirit of Hope, the Fire of a Fighter, and of someone who encourages others through their actions. The link for you to nominate others will be sent out later today.  Please take the time and use it.

Right now it is my pleasure to announce this week's Keeper of the Torch.

Not only has she battled her cancer, she has also been highly involved in Relay.  She is like bright spring sunshine after a long winter of cloudy days.  She is so compassionate, and willing to help! You  would never know she was fighting her own battle!

She was suffering from cancer last year and still relayed as hard as she could. From being on our team, to helping out at the Christmas Expo, she was always there. She also still found the strength to work for the SL Birthday, write for the SL Newser, and be a part of Burn 2. Cancer did not slow her down and despite not feeling well she kept on. She is a true warrior in my eyes. This year she has returned and is relaying to show her thanks for still being alive and to be a positive influence on others. She is at almost any event that is for relay and she spreads the purple message as far as she can.

She has shown tremendous strength to continue to do the things she does in Second Life, despite undergoing cancer treatments the past year or so. She is always cheerful and a presence that makes you want to continue fighting on.

Fellow Relayers, please join with me in congratulating Gemma Allen (gemma.cleanslate)
this week's Keeper of the Torch.

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