Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Press Release: "Cirque de Nuit" Performs This Weekend

After months of careful preparation, Idle Rogue's Le Cirque de Nuit opens and runs again on Friday April 3 at 7pm, Saturday April 4 at 2pm and 7p,m Sunday April 5 at 7pm.

The show is tour-de-force virtual entertainment. Loosely referencing Erin Morgenstern's novel "The Night Circus", builder Gloriana Maertens has created a magical circus environment in the sky above Idle Rogue. From the moment you arrive, you feel the shimmering in the air, and the enchantment begins.

As you take your seat, we will assume control of your camera and embark together on a sparkling journey, of shadows and light, sounds and visions, astonishment and delight.

A collaborative experience, Le Cirque de Nuit has been crafted by some of the best performers and builders in SL at the height of their careers. It's a black and white steam-punk extravaganza that features clever concepts woven together by an extremely professional team. Produced by Chryblnd Scribe, with a stage scripted and managed by Arrehn Oberlander, you will witness thrilling performances by dancers who have honed their skills in the great troupes of our time.

Follow the slurl and click the board at stage right in the Acuo Theatre!


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