Monday, April 6, 2015

SL Video: "The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 28: Whiskey Monday"

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From Draxtor Despres: "'The anonymity in this virtual world gave me the bravery to be very very real. I was able to overcome a lot of issues by expressing myself creatively in Second Life!' Artist and photographer Whiskey Monday credits the agency over her digital alter-ego for being able to come to terms with her depression and ultimately contribute to her personal healing process:

"'When you suffer from mental health issues it is difficult because of the stigma attached to it. People generally do not know what to say and often tend to give - albeit well-meaning - useless advice to make you feel better. In Second Life I am able to engage with others on my terms and write my own story with complete control over it because I choose the level of exposure. That is the way it should be, especially in social media!'

"Using the creations of others, Whiskey Monday builds sparse yet emotionally complex 3D scenes in SL, which she tweaks until a world emerges that expresses her deepest feelings Often dark and brooding, she manipulates the 3D assembly until she finds - as she puts it - a 'level of intimacy that allows the viewer a window into her soul.'

"Unlike many other immersive artists, Whiskey does not invite the community to explore this digital installation freely but only takes one still image, representing her very own interpretation before deleting the scene. The fleeting moment of truth and vulnerability indeed, captured, as a single frame story! Only in Second Life……

"For more information about the art of Whiskey Monday check out her flickr page at As always big thanks to Marianne McCann for managing extra actors on the ground & big thanks to all the background folks who patiently followed my tedious directions. May you emerge from the cutting room floor over time!"

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