Monday, December 19, 2016

Eye On the Blog: Winter Wonderland Open, "Go Premium For Less"

Xiola Linden made a couple announcements on the official Second Life blog a few days ago. She stated that Linden Lab's "Winter Wonderland" area was once again open.

Winter Wonderland is once again alive with the sights and sounds of holiday delights and snowball fights! To get there, stop by one of the portal parks, follow the trail to the Winter Wonderland teleport portal, and tumble into an enchanted land of breathtaking beauty.

 At the Winter Wonderland area one can find a winter snow track, an ice skate arena, a ferris wheel, an ice shack with presents for Premium members, and the snowball arena, where later today at Noon SL time, the "Snowball Showdown," previously called the Linden Snowball Fight will be taking place following the "Holiday Crawl."

One can access the Winter Wonderland at Portal Park 1 (175/118/52).

Also, Linden Lab was offering a 50 percent discount for residents upgrading their account to Premium, but only for the first quarter year. New Premium accounts would get a 1000 Linden dollar bonus, along with being able to join more groups, access to Premium-only sandboxes, and a "Premium Badge" that allowed them access to more at the Winter Wonderland area.

If you’re not a Premium member yet, now happens to be a great time to upgrade - for a limited time only, save 50% on your first quarter’s payment for a Premium Second Life Membership subscription.*  As a Premium member, you’ll enjoy rewards like exclusive gifts, access to special Premium Sandboxes, a L$1000 sign-up bonus, more group slots, and weekly L$ rewards to spend on the things that make your time in Second Life most enjoyable. Land is better than ever for Premium members and also includes your own inworld home (which just got a 49% prim upgrade), and access to acquire Mainland Regions which were recently upgraded to higher Land Impact limits

For the full details, including the terns and conditions of the 50 percent off discount, check the post in full here.

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