Saturday, December 17, 2016

"Twisted Christmas" Party Tomorrow At The Happy Vixen

Christmas is a great time of year, but sometimes it can wear a little thin. The crowded stores, the over-commercialization, the same darn sappy song on the radio over and over again, and more. It's enough to make one more than a little jaded. Heck, it's enough to drive some of us to punch out the next mall Santa we see.

Well it's time to push back with what's become an annual tradition at the Sunweaver/Angel community: Nydia Tungsten's "Twisted Christmas" Party. She has a collection of funny songs and parodies that are sure to leave you in stitches. They range from the mild such as "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer," and "Christmas at Ground Zero," to edgier fare from Andrew Dice Clay and others of which we can't mention the titles.

The event takes place at Sunday December 18 at12 Noon at the Purrfection Estates (236, 219, 24)  

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