Monday, December 19, 2016

SL Video: "The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 42: Death Row Designs"

(Click here if the video fails to play)

From Draxtor Despres on December 16, "Jaimy Hancroft makes a living creating 3D content in the virtual world of Second Life. Yes, this still seems an esoteric concept for some: bills and vacations paid for by assembling pixels? Well, it has been 10 years since Jaimy created her digital alter ego in the metaverse and judging by the ubiquity of her creations around the SL grid it seems that the post apocalyptic/dystopian architecture, fashion and accessories industry is firmly dominated by the creative force of her brand Death Row Designs.

"Helping to churn out massive amounts of product - everything from gigantic grungy theme parks to cute Disney-esque castles - is her 3D modeler sister Eowyn Swords who lives close by in a small Belgian mining town. We hope this inspiring story of creative empowerment, where a young, self-taught woman loses a father after he shows her a world full of opportunity and life, will connect and inspire! While friends and family may shake their heads at the phenomenon of the economic viability of a virtual goods based business, Jaimy and her mom are already planning their next vacation in a sunnier spot than their native Flandern, all thanks to the mighty Linden Dollar."

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