Monday, December 5, 2016

Raglan's Mystery Map Artist Strikes Again For "Wootmas"

The mystery map artist of Raglan Shire has struck again. But this time there's nothing rib-poking about this latest stunt. Earlier this month, there was one, then a second, map pranking. But this third incident described by Linn Darkwatch on Facebook a few days ago was a simple "Merry Wootmas" message over the Raglan Galaxy sim. In a message to me, Linn called the artist the "Merry Prankster."

This stunt came at the same time Raglan's Winterfest event, or "Wootmas" as the Raglanders are calling it, was starting. "Wootmas Cheers all! The 10th Annual WinterFest on Raglan Shire is here & it’s a Wonderland of Snowy Crunchy fun for the season! The decorating of the tree! Sekret Santa™! The 12 Days of Wootmas™! Skating at the pond! Skiing! Sledding! Ice Ball crashing! Keep an eye out for The All New Ski Lift! A new way to get up & down the Mountain but a word of warning… Beware the Yeti!!" Also among their "winter stuff" was an"All New Tree Topper Contest and the Winter Hut Contest" and a "snowball throw."

No doubt the tinies of Raglan are determined to have a merry little Christmas, or "Wootmas."

Bixyl Shuftan

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