Saturday, December 10, 2016

Pauline Oliveros, Elecrtonic Music Pioneer, Passes Away. Performed in Second Life in 2007

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Hamlet Au recently announced the passing of Pauline Oliveros, a musician whom had done music for many decades and was noted for being a pioneer in electronic music. Second Life was among her experiments, and performances. In this video taken in November 2007 by Hamlet, she performs with the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse Group. Her avatar was named Free Noyes.

Her friend Jeremy Turner had this to say on Facebook, "Many composers (even the greatest ones) usually have a peak period before stagnating and burning out. Pauline was exceptional in that her creative output never stagnated. ... Her ideas never became dated over time and were continually on the cutting edge of technological developments... In this century, she will likely be remembered for her telematic performances on Skype as well as her virtual compositions and performances for (and with) the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse in Second Life... Pauline will indeed be seen as a role-model for generations to come."

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