Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Ten Years Later

It was a few days and ten years ago that yours truly first came to Second Life. Ten years ... that's a total of 3653 days, and a lot of people and places seen. But all of that lay in the future when I first came to this virtual world. With only a few screenshots and a few paragraphs of description from a friend, I made an account and logged in with little idea what to expect. For those curious about my first days here, a year ago I wrote a story about them.

My tenth rezzday went much like any other, going about looking for stories around the virtual world, and spending a little time with friends. Baring some unexpected disaster, there's not much chance of this changing anytime soon. I've found personal success here in writing about the news here, and have every intention of keeping on going. Yes, there's always the chance of a Linden blunder that will finally send Second Life fading to black, but they've kept things going for over thirteen years. The place will most likely continue on for quite some time, and chances are so will I.

Bixyl Shuftan.

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