Thursday, April 6, 2017

Announcement: Songbird Rocks the Castle at Grendels Children

WHAT:  Concert by Songbird Sorbet !!

Grendel's Children is proud to announce a concert by
the incomparable singer Songbird1028 Sorbet

WHEN:  Saturday, April 8th, at 12 Noon SLT .... 2017

at Avaria Tor sim, Home of Grendel's Children since 2006. The concert is in the new yuge castle of April Foolin'... ''Catsel Bufo'' - a play on "Frog-and-Cat" productions and the icons of the two founding builders. 

HOW to get there:
Arrive at Grendels' telehub:>
and sit on the Rocket to the April Fools ''Catsel Bufo''

* Builders are your Cat-Toad-Octopus-and-Dragon friends from Grendels!  Clover Dezno, Toady Nakamura, Cacia Escape, Flea Bussy, RaptonX Zorger, DannyG Grun, and Lim Raeth.  

*  Wear Anything but you have to wear Something; it's a G-rated sim !!
*Over than 165 presents are hidden among the tricks, magic cards, fussy doors, silly games, odd art gallery and those ever-so-fragile dinosaurs... :) 


**>   Songbird !!
**> Grendels !!  official SL link    CATALOG via "show in search" of the store  links to our videos
and  blog about our classes.

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