Monday, April 17, 2017

"Bid The Lindens Bald" Ends Wednesday

 Only a few days left to make a donation to the Linden "Bid Me Bald" Event. Twenty-eight Lindens and Moles, organized in three teams, are involved in the unique event in which for the first time members of Linden Lab's finest are putting their hair on the line. Put your Lindens in the kiosk of the team of your choice: Concierge, Land Operations and LDPW, and Customer Accounts departments. The loser gets their heads shaved.

Occasionally, one or more of the Lindens will show up for an event at the Bid Me location at the Relay dAlliez sim. Fuzzball Ortega took this picture of three , Ami, Tommy, and Corky Linden, who showed up for one event earlier this month.

Image Credit: Fuzzball Ortega

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