Thursday, April 6, 2017

Improved Sim Capacity And Access

It's an annoyance regular Second Life members are familiar with. You hear about a great event, and at the starting time you head over, only to find the sim is filled to capacity! You can't get in. Supposing you can get in, if the sim fills to capacity and you crash, the addition of one more means you log in at another location and can't teleport back. Even sim owners and managers aren't immune to this problem, meaning they could potentially be locked out of their own events.

Well, the Lab is making a few tweaks to sim capacity, which is good news if you have a premium account or a sim owner/manager. First, if a sim is filled to capacity and none of the residents inside are the owner or manager, then either can enter with the limit not applying to them. But this applies only for this first of these to enter. Since the sim is one over capacity, two residents would have to leave before any more managers could enter.

Second, an additional ten percent over the sim capacity will be allowed to enter, but only if these extra members are premium account holders. For instance, if a sim is set to a capacity of fifty residents, an additional five premium account residents could enter. This extra capacity does not apply to regular members.

Linden Lab has offered residents with premium accounts perks ever since the creation of free accounts. At first it was basically just the ability to own land and a weekly stipend of Linden Dollars. Later on, it was being offered gifts and exclusive access to a few sims. In 2015, they began allowing premium accounts to join an additional 18 groups, going from 42 to 60. It should be interesting to see how many premium accounts the Lab gets from this move

Read the announcement from Linden Lab: Here.

Bixyl Shuftan

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