Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Announcement: The Relay For Life Club Crawl

Hi there, hope all is well with you. The Relay For Life team that I am part of, Go the Distance, is hosting a Club Crawl April 29-30, It is a fund-raiser for Relay For Life that would consist of the Go the Distance team and others moving from club to club, spending a specific amount of time at each club throughout the weekend. The club with the highest amount of donations in their kiosk by the end of the weekend wins the Club Crawl. Awesome accolades for the winning club! If you and your club would like to participate please contact Cathy10 Longoria and/or Random Padar. Sign Up Deadline is April 24!

Expectations of the club...DJs and hosts of the club volunteer their time accepting no tips according to the the RFL guidelines. A Go the Distance kiosk will be placed at the beginning of the event. In the event the club belongs to another team a donations will be shared using a dual team kiosk. Event will be PG rated.  Advertise within their group. Clubs can have special contests, extra DJs, live singers, etc during the weekend to increase their odds of winning.

Cathy10 Longoria
RFL Go the Distance

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  1. Thanks Second Life Newser! What a great opportunity to go outside the box. We hope many Relayers will participate hoping from club to club to support those clubs not generally involved with Relay. Let's show them what we do best!