Monday, January 8, 2018

Announcement: Memorial for Dassani

Dear friends and family of Gulls Wing and of Dassani Storm,

As you know Dassani passed away on December 27th, 2017. We would like to invite you all to a memorial service on January 14, 2018  at 12:00 pm SLT in honor of her life.

We will be having the service at location where we can provide the lowest level of lag so that we can fit as many into the memorial as possible. More details will follow soon as to the location but we wanted to let you know so you could save the date and time if you wish to attend. We also ask that you make certain that you arrive at the lowest possible avi weight with the fewest possible scripts,

Dassani was the manager of Midnight Passions Radio Club at Gulls Wing as well as Gulls Wing Music venues. She has been a valuable part of our team , our club and most of all the Gulls Wing family since this project began in 2013. It is impossible to describe what she meant to us and to this community. If you knew, her you understand.

Many special things are happening in her honor. First the Gulls Wing Music Venue will now be known as Dassani's at Gulls Wing. The club she built and loved so much will forever bear her name. Second, on January 21, 2018, Dassani will be inducted into the Second Life Music Hall of Fame. Third we are collecting pictures (full perm copy) that you may have and written condolences of what Dassani meant to you. Please if you send pictures include the names of the significant people in the picture. All Pictures and Condolences need to be sent to RJaNator Dorance by 8 am SLT on Wednesday , January 10th.  Remember they must be FULL PERM. The photos and condolences will be passed to Dassani's real life family in a photo book.

We look forward to seeing you at the memorial service. If you cannot attend , you will be able to listen to it on Midnight Passions Radio at

Please keep Dassani's real life and second life  family and friends in your prayers at this very difficult time. Please feel free to share this with people who may not be on our list of subscribers but would like to attend.

Thank you and best regards,

Avery Saxena
Unclesamoriginal Resdient
Aspan Resident
Toby Howton
and the entire Gulls Wing Team

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