Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Reader Submitted: "Diggy and Madori Linden"

From Lady Digs Jewel (1x1x141 Digfoot): "I've had more positive than negative in dealing with LL. Riding sims are tricky to manage. But I did have a Linden from live chat ride on the back of my motorcycle for 2 hours for the ride up one sim and down the other with 20 members of the MC in tow. .. all the while me MC pres was skeptical about her ability and want to do anything ... and LL switched the sims to the Le Tigre server thanks to me being stubborn and working with Madori. .... I had her ride with me and she saw what was going on the sims. Without her concentrating on the navigation, she was able to concentrate on what the numbers were doing on the sim."

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