Monday, November 16, 2020

Mermaid Retreat in Trouble, Saved For Another Month

On Sunday over group chat in the Safe Waters Foundation, there was chatter among the merfolk of an underawater place in trouble, "We have a mer sim in trouble, and want us mers to come together to help out. ... It's short of L(inden dollars), by about 8K or so. ... The Mermaid Retreat ... great mer sim. So I am reaching out to see if anyone could help them."

"The owner Lady Scarlet (Luckxe Resident) is here," the person would continue, "taking donation and applying ot the land instantly." Someone else asked if help had been requested. The answer was, "Yes, she is just a bundle of nerves. (I) won't go into it, but she is one and this place means a lot, but went from sad to now almost crying form people wanting to help."

People did help. About forty minutes after the chat started, "WE SAVED IT FOR A MONTH!!!!!!! THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!"

The place itself is an underwater area with a few small rocky island on the surface. There are luminous underwater plants, and a large dancing area with a DJ booth. The description of the place is, "An island of tranquility and relaxation for the mind and body. Come and get lost with a sense of mythical mystery of merfolk and bonding with each other in a dreamlike state." A notecard describes the location as raising "awareness for a different charity every month," having group discussion, and a number of events and parties. Those wanting a party or wedding at the place are free to ask. The location is owned by Vivienne Koisera (Vivien0Koisera Resident) and Lady Scarlett Momobami (Luckxe Resident).

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Bixyl Shuftan

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