Thursday, November 12, 2020

Press Release: "2020 Strides Campaigns Results"


In a year where fundraising has been challenging for most nonprofit organizations, the American Cancer Society community in Second Life continues to achieve record breaking fundraising results.

The $33,100 USD raised makes the 2020 Campaign the most successful in the history of the virtual world.

During October, Second Life saw a variety of breast cancer fundraising campaigns hosted by several communities. We’re excited to share the results of your efforts and to say thank you to everyone who pitched in to help plan, host, execute, attend, and donate toward each of these official campaigns, as well as those who held events that contributed to the Strides general campaign:

  • I Pink I Can: $10,716 USD / L$2,679,057 Led by Jenny Anatine: A 10-day music and shopping event that brought together many teams, clubs, creators, and performers from across Second Life.

  • SL Renaissance Festival: $8,476.06 USD / L$2,119,014 Led by Nuala Maracas: A medieval-themed festival with participation from multiple Renaissance-era roleplay communities, merchants and performers to compete in archery, jousting, castle-building contests, and more.

  • Strides General: $5,952 USD / L$1,488,235 American Cancer Society breast cancer fundraising in Second Life that is not a part of the other listed campaigns.

  • SciFi Expo: $3,311 USD / L$827,965 Led by Benjamin Brougham: A multi-day event with a science fiction theme, planned and hosted by members of Second Life’s SciFi communities.

  • Out Shop Cancer: $2,482 USD / L$616,637 Led by Sandie Slate: A grid-wide shopping event that brought residents to participating merchant stores. Each merchant had an item(s) for sale in a official Strides vendor.

  • Pink Power Rodeo: $2,175 USD / L$543,777 Led by Leala Spire: A 2-day event for the cowboys & cowgirls in Second Life to compete in bull-riding and dance in the hoe-down, followed by a traditional pledge-based walk around a track.

All funds raised through Strides Campaigns in Second Life are used by the American Cancer Society to contribute to our life-saving breast cancer research and breast cancer patient services.

If you would like to become a volunteer for the American Cancer Society in Second Life, please contact Stingray9798 Raymaker in Second Life.

 From the Second Life American Cancer Society Information blog (here).

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