Monday, November 2, 2020

Over 23,000 Linden Dollar Jackpot at Happy Vixen's Halloween Party


On Saturday October 31, the Happy Vixen Beach club held it's yearly Halloween party. For the past few years, it's been held at a special area high above the sim, and this year was held at the Halloween Haunt. As before, Jasmine Dawn, aka "DJ Hornycorn", would play the music. 

We're having a Halloween Blowout event tonight from 4 to 7pm SLT.  It's a costume party with a huge 5000 Linden prize to be divided out to 3 lucky winners. DJ HornyCorn is making a special appearance to rock the night away. The prize is a Random Draw Fishbowl setup to give everyone a equal chance at the treats. All people including Club personnel are welcome to join into the Halloween event. So grab a friend and help us party the night away on All Hallows Eve.

The party was a blast with two dozen people showing up in the three hour event. Among those showing up was DJ Tantari Kim. A few generous people kept boosting the prize to 10,000 Lindens, then 13,000, and finally to 20,312 Linden dollars! This was the biggest prize yet for a Happy Vixen event.

The jackpot prize was split three ways, to 6770 Lindens. The winners were Ranchan Weidman, Cody Furlong (CJ Balehawk), and Clove (VoxDragon Resident).

As there are some people whom have yet to give the maze a try, the Halloween Haunt will remain up for a few more days. To get there, head to Purrfection Estates (236/219/24), and take the door in the middle of the dance floor.

Bixyl Shuftan

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