Friday, November 27, 2020

Black Friday Sale At Furry Fashion

With Thanksgiving over, it's the unofficial start of the Christmas Shopping season, Black Friday. And there's a place in Second Life having a Black Friday sale: Furry Fashion.

From now until 30th November you can get 50% off FF products at the FF Main store only (Sale is not on marketplace) , FF vendors belonging to Amethyst Crystal and Becky Doulton ONLY are doing the sale so make sure you check who owns which vendors before you pay (Amethyst's are purple, Beckys are teal/blue!

As the announcment says, the sale is inworld only. And only two merchants, Amethyst Crystal and Becky Doulton, are taking part in the half-off sale. While some other items may be discounted, only Amethyst's and Becky's are officially participating in the shopping event.

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