Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Announcement: Halloween Dance at Deathlands!


Yep like ten thousand other sims, we will be having a Halloween celebration!  Why pick ours? Why would you not want to celebrate in a destroyed post-apocalyptic sim, with DJ Wolfy, followed by DJ Nafrini.  We have SL's  best Dj's. They even take requests! No irritating flashing boring neon club lights here! We would like to see you in costume fitting the occasion, but come as you are, or dress up with whatever you lost in your inventory.  DJ Wolfy promises Halloween and other monster tunes, DJ Nafrini will be doing a mixture of Powerwolf, Rob Zombie and scary songs.

Will you be scared there? Hopefully, as it's being held in a nuclear wasteland.  If that don't work I'll get them to play a Donnie and Marie Osmond song - scary indeed!

How about prizes? Sure you can give me stuff..oh wait you mean the guests! Well maybe , we shall see, but there will be a raffle for lindens...yes free loveable lindens you can happily spend on MP!

The event takes place at the Fallout Shelter at scenic Deathlands,  (on Sunday, October 31st, of course) starting at 4 SLT with DJ Wolfy, and continues on at 6 SLT with DJ Nafrini until 8. Follow the broken pavement or use the Transporter to the Dance.

We will even put out a few pumpkins and skeletons and other assorted holiday stuff. I wanted orange nukes but got out voted. In case you don't know, Halloween is  a old pre nuclear holocaust celebration where children would go out into the world and steal candy, stuff their faces, then evil witches would kidnap them, and cook them in a oven. True history!

Rebel Wolf (The Baron)

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